Saturday, July 09, 2005

HM Customs and Excise (VAT)

Viscous small minded people with a personal agenda and a total disregard of the damage they inflict to a company and the eventual redundancies that follow. Don’t try to revoke a decision, the ‘establishment’ will ensure that any ruling will not be overturned. Don’t waste the ink writing to Gordon Brown, his office will pass your letters straight back to HM Customs and Excise to answer.

Since the introduction of compulsory security deposits those evil little goblins at HM Customs have within their power the ability to exercise the demise of a company because a) your company operates within a business sector of inherent failure b/ you are penalised for your past failures c) if you have a record of non-compliance. By the way, if you name doesn’t fit then you will be penalised for the poor record of your parents and closest spouse.